B.o.B announces new mixtape, ‘F–k Em We Ball’ | Music News

Multi-talented rapper B.o.B has taken to twitter to announce his next project will be a mixtape titled Fuck Em We Ball.

With no release date confirmed et, the announcement sees the Grand Hustle musician again veering back to his early dates as a mixtape artist, his last release of this nature being his E.P.I.C (Every Play Is Crucial) mixtape which dropped last year.

If his previous projects, Who the F#*k is B.o.B? as well as Cloud 9 are anything to go by, Fuck Em We Ball should be an invigorating one for the rapper. Perhaps he will explore working with Kid Cudi and Skrillex; a collabo he’s expressed he would love to happen [“I think me, James Blake and Kid Cudi should do a song and it should be produced by Skrillex. I think the sky would fall if we did that song and the sky would come down to Earth and party with us”]…

B.O.B’s latest album Strange Clouds is out now.