Azealia Banks responds to “On The Edge,” claims Angel Haze recorded diss track ‘months ago’


We recently brought you news that two of rap’s most prominent female personalities were beefing, but all might not be as it seems in the ongoing (online) feud between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze.

After a series of hostile Twitter exchanges between the two on January 3rd, Haze dropped a ferocious diss track titled “On The Edge“, leaving the Internet and rap fans reeling.

Many were left astonished by Haze’s claim that the track was recorded in just twenty minutes, and the “212” star is now questioning her rival’s honesty about the recording process.

Indeed, having studied the file information on the track, Banks quickly took to Twitter to fire back with the revelation that “On The Edge” had been recorded in 2012, not yesterday. Telling Haze to “plan her publicity stunts better,” she attached a screenshot showing the “year recorded” was “2012.”


Haze responded by saying that the beat, not the rhymes, were made last year, but to hot things up, Azealia has said that she communicated with Diplo, who produced the song, and says he confirmed that it was written “months ago.” Read her tweet below:

Apparently Banks has already written a response to “On The Edge”, titled “No Problems“, and it will hit the Internets very soon.

Let’s just keep an eye on where this goes.