Azealia Banks debut album Broke With Expensive Taste due in September | Music News

There is an old adage that states “the work really starts when you sign to a major label,” which in itself is evident when looking at Internet favorite emcee Azealia Banks 2012 schedule.

The rapper, who signed to Universal Records at the top of the year, recently announced that not only is she preparing to release an all new EP via Universal UK distributed label Polydor Records, but this September/October she’ll also be bringing her hypewagon over to the UK for a short tour.

Well it seems as though her UK trek and extended player aren’t the only project’s the New York bred rapper is currently working; in an exclusive interview with Nylon she also reveals that this September she hopes to release her full debut LP entitled Broke With Expensive Taste.

“It’s gonna be amazing! The theme is a young girl trying to find it,” said the rapper.

Discussing the album’s concept, Banks went on to elaborate stating the “young girl” in question is trying to find “Success! Herself! Her path!” later adding, “The young girl trying to make it! That girl who’s at the end of her childhood trying to get a job and make some money, you know?

“She needs to get what she can get! She needs to go out there and show people she knows how to work for it.”

Read the rest of the interview over at Nylon.

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