Azealia Banks announces new single “Yung Rapunxel” | Music News


We’ve been waiting for Azealia Banks‘ debut album Broke With Expensive Taste for a hot minute now, and although the first single from the LP was thought to be “Miss Amor/Miss Camaraderie,” the Harlem rapper took to Twitter to let her fans know that the first single will go by the same name as her moniker, “Yung Rapunxel.”

The track is produced by Brooklyn-hailing  DJ, beatsmith and video maker Lil Internet and we won’t have to wait long to hear it as the single drops in a couple of weeks on February 12th. Known for his out-of-the-box thinking, a song by Lil Internet is likely to be a fusion of Electro with an urban influence, and with the addition of Banks rapping over it, it sounds like a smart decision to lead with an explosive sounding single.

Broke With Expensive Taste will be out later this year.