Avant on the merging of R&B and Hip Hop: “That can’t happen…” [Video]

Avant talks to Ms Drama TV [in a bathroom??] about view his new album, The Letter, as a collection of short stories, the inspiration for his songwriting and the current climate of R&B and its relationship with Hip Hop.

“The only way R&B can stay prevalent, it has to change. You have to grow to miss something. I don’t understand what’s so bad about what’s going on today, it just lets you know that’s why we should go back and listen to the classic music… Avant and the Babyfaces of the world was putting out, because we have music that stands the test of time – and that’s the most important part.

“Of course, everybody knows that it’s more of a Hip Hop type of era right now and that’s fine, I understand that. I don’t want them to merge the two entities together and make one – I think that that’s what they’re trying to make happen, and that can’t happen….

“I think there’s room for what’s happening today in R&B but also it makes you respect what you’ve heard from me and Ginuwine and Jagged Edge…. the great music… and that’s why we’re back in the studio, and we’re bringing out great material again.

“There were so many great R&B top cats in my time coming in that a lot of music got lost. But now you can go back…”