Asher Roth talks sophomore album, performs “The World is Not Enough” for Sway In The Morning [Video]

In what seemed like a rather inspired mood, last week Asher Roth kicked it with a live band to conclude Shade 45 show, Sway In The Morning‘s “#TrueMCWeek”  in what was the latest installment of Sway’s In Studio Concert series. After kicking it off by performing “Bastermating” off free download project Pabst and Jazz, the Pennsylvania native delivers some wise words to listeners before performing a more recent cut in “The World Is Not Enough”.

“I know how people feel about voting and are on the fence about it, but at the end of the day, you can do very small things to change the world and what’s going on around us,” he says. “Understand you guys are the influence and have an impact on the world. Speak your mind and let it be told.”

Below, check out Asher Roth’s performance of “Bastermating”, “The World Is Not Enough” and his discussion with Sway Calloway about his awaited sophomore album, Is This Too Orange?.