Asher Roth f/ Buddy – ‘Roof Behind the Grill’ | New Music

To celebrate Independence Day — the US holiday practically defined by airborne explosives and copious amounts of barbecued vittles — Asher Roth lets go of “Roof Behind the Grill,” a track featuring Compton youngblood Buddy and released in honor of Asher’s homeboy Roofeeo‘s amazing grilling skills.

You see, Roofeeo, who runs with a band called TV On The Radio when he’s not manning a BBQ grill, apparently threw a somewhat epic rooftop pool party Wednesday at Brooklyn’s King & Grove Hotel, and this song was named and dropped just to commemorate the occasion.

Unfortunately, “Roof Behind the Grill” pales in comparison to Ash Rizzy’s last drop, the super dope “Turnip the Beet,” but at least they had a ball and ate good at the party.

Check out the track below.