Asaad – White [Mixtape] | Free Download

Asaad may be considered a rookie in hip-hop, but he’s certainly not content on acting like one. Maintaining his unsurpassed work ethic (the Philly native has already put out one full-length, New Black ® History Month, plus a slew of singles, with an additional EP, 006, in the works), the rapper draws inspiration from “racism, wack rappers and people that don’t understand the true meaning of respect” for his latest output, White.

A cast including No I.D., Sunny Norway and DJ Nitro get behind the boards to assist Asaad as he outlines exactly why you cannot fuck with him. Tayyib Ali, Walt Fraze and Wyo back him up on the mic, too.

Hit the download below and find more uncensored doses of Asaad on his Twitter (_@ASAAD).

DOWNLOAD: Asaad – White [Mixtape]

01. God Flow (Prod. K-Rob)
02. Dinner At Michele’s (Prod. Problem)
03. Boss Status (Prod. DJ Nitro)
04. Have Fun (Prod. DJ Nitro)
05. Blue Eyes (White Bitch) (Prod. DJ Nitro)
06. Bargain With The Devil (Prod. Nascent & QB)
07. Voldemort Flow (Prod. K-Rob)
08. Holy Mountain (f/ Walt Fraze) (Prod. Ben Pramuk & Scanz)
09. Holla (Prod. K-Rob)
10. Utopian Swag (Prod. No I.D.)
11. Most Young Kings (Prod. Problem)
12. Legendary (Prod. Problem)
13. Free Max B (Prod. Young Los)
14. Flex Bomb (Prod. Frank Dukes)
15. White Out (Prod. G14)
16. Rolex In The Collection Plate (Prod. Sunny Norway)
17. Mom (Skit)
18. Respect Fresh (f/ Wyo) (Prod. Ben Pramuk & Donovan Young)
19. Left Turn (f/ Tayyib Ali) (Prod. Frank Dukes)
20. Finally (Prod. Sunny Norway)