Artist Spotlight: G.o.D. Jewels (Freeload)

G.o.D. Jewels was brought to my attention by my cousin across the waters, who aptly described him as “a little like J.Cole, without the major rapper co-sign.” Comparisons aside, with G.o.D Jewels’ cool, lackadaisical flow, quiet confidence and lyrical agility he could easily be in company with the current leaders of hip hop’s new school.

Not content with just creating a buzz in the Chicagoan underground hip hop scene, Jewels (who hails from Chicago’s South Side) is ready to reach the masses. On his latest offering, Greatness Opens Doors, Jewels waxes lyrical about race and politics, the social climate in Chi-Town, women (of course), and his struggles getting recognition in the industry; “I’m looking for the love that these blogs won’t show me…”

Take a listen:


G.o.D. Jewels (Website)

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