Arlissa covers John Newman’s “Love Me Again” I New Music

Following the release of the Nas-featuring “Hard To Love Somebody” and second single “Sticks And Stones”, the 21 year old London based newcomer Arlissa has laid down a John Newman cover for her next offering.

Contrasting the driving, tribal rhythms of “Sticks And Stones” and the up-beat groove of “Hard To Love Somebody”, with “Love Me Again” Arlissa completely strips down the arrangement, letting her vocal power shine through a simple piano accompaniment. Removing Newman’s drawl and theatrical chorus from the original, Arlissa turns the song into a heart-wrenching tale of regaining a love lost. Founded on Arlissa’s powerful refrain that permeates the track, “Love Me Again” is a beautifully simple yet emotionally engaging cover that renders the original lacking her thoughtful delivery. Take a listen below: