AraabMUZIK talks upcoming project with A$AP Rocky [Video]

The Creator’s Project’s catch-up with producer AraabMUZIK has been making its rounds online recently, and now’s certainly the time to get acquainted if its flown under your radar. In both an interview and live demonstration with the acclaimed beatsmith, who holds credits for such hits as Jim Jones‘ “Salute”, Cam’ron and Vado‘s “Speakin’ In Tungz” and “Street Knock“, Swizz Beatz and A$AP Rocky‘s exciting collaboration, the video feature serves as an adequate introduction to the man known as AraabMUZIK.

In the clip below, he speaks on how he picked up music – by ear alone – as a young kid and how its flourished into fluency on the drums, piano and, of course, the MPC, how YouTube videos (like this) helped propel him to fame, his early work for Hell Rell and Cam’ron and the upcoming collaborative project with A$AP Rocky.

“Me and him are going to be called A$VPMUZIK and it’s pretty much like a mixture of the East with the West, and then obviously that’s going to lead to more collaborations with a lot of different people,” he detailed.

Throughout the video, we’re also treated to a slew of footage of AraabMUZIK showcasing his incredible live skills on the MPC. Get familiar below.

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