AppleJac – “Brewin” | New Music

A brave man is he that takes Ronnie Foster‘s track “Mystic Brew” and flips it one more ‘gain. In this case that brave young soul is Decatur DJ and producer AppleJac.

The Ronnie Foster track has been the inspiration for tracks as huge as Allen Anthony‘s “Alright” and most famously A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Electric Relaxation.” Here, AppleJac breathes new life into the sample with his interpolation amidst swirling synths, backed by a Hip Hop beat that was quite clearly inspired by ATCQ’s version, with hints of J. Dilla influences thrown in there.

All in all it makes for a nice listen on fine afternoons when the sun is shining – like the ones we’ve been having in London lately. Listen to it below and tell me I’m wrong…

AppleJac – “Brewin”:

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