Anisa – “Music” | New Music

Anisa is a 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Manchester signed to Alwayz Recording, who are best known as the force behind rapper Chipmunk. She hooked up with Alwayz in 2007 whilst still at Uni, but resisted the temptation to drop out and pursue music full-time, instead going on to grab a 2:1 in her International Management and French degree.  Since graduating, she’s been flying around the world to work with some of the biggest producers and songwriters around (including Autumn Rowe, who wrote Leona Lewis‘ new joint) and is finally releasing a single called “Piano” later this year. Before that drops though, she’s let this track go as a buzz track.

And now that I’ve regurgitated her press release, it’s time for a story. I first heard of Anisa when she performed this very track on Westwood‘s show in May 2008, alongside Ny, Alex Mills and Katy B as part of a “Ladies Night” special. I vividly remember falling in love with the song and Anisa’s voice, almost immediately. She was beautiful (gotta love those early TimWestwoodTV videos that have mostly disappeared now) and she killed it with a soulful, passionate and sincere performance.

Maybe it was the subject matter, maybe it was her unbridled passion or maybe I was just gassed off how fine she was, but it really got me. That was a long time ago, and back then I was at Uni, probably still under the (rapidly dwindling) impression that I was going to be a lawyer and with no idea whatsoever that I’d be where I am today. With all of that in mind, it was pretty cool to get sent a finished studio version of this song three-and-a-bit years later.

Personal anecdote aside, anyone who has that intense, borderline-cathartic relationship with music (that I’d speculate most SoulCulture readers are familiar with), should at least be able to relate to this to some degree, whether or not the song or Anisa’s vocals are to your taste. If not, you might be in the wrong place – JLS Daily is you.

LISTEN: Anisa – “Music”