Angel Haze – “Shit I Don’t Like” Freestyle | Music Video

Angel Haze is young, fearless, energetic and more than any of these things, unbelievably skilled. Here, the 21 year old ‘pansexual’ emcee takes on Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like”, packing Young Chop‘s adrenaline-building beat with words after words after words, and then firing them out, punchline after punchline.

Whereas Chief Keef’s very appeal comes from his charismatic wordlessness, Angel’s seems to derive from her almost unhinged wordiness. There’s a YouTube brat quality to her makes her both completely unpredictable and absolutely fascinating- when you watch Haze rapping you feel like she could explode at any moment. At one point during this freestyle, she has to stop the beat just so she can fit in all her loosely-aimed shots.  Born into a strict, religious, military family, her rap is unhinged lyrical rebellion. Watch below.

Angel Haze is set to appear in the BET Awards’ Cypher soon. Listen to and download her critically acclaimed mixtape Reservation here.