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Twenty-year-old Angel Haze betrays her age with some impressive, precocious rhymes. Proving rap names and monikers can be incredibly deceptive, the Virginia-based rapstress reps for New York with a bevy of cutting, hellish-hot rhymes.

Off her upcoming EP Reservation, “New York” is a rumbling, unabashed display of the talented emcee’s confidence and abilities, filled with all the braggadocio and bravado of the most assured and accomplished of spitters. Set to a lively, playful beat, “New York” exhibits Haze’s wit, wordplay and creativity, as her lyrics mischievously roll over the rhythmic, almost tribal claps of 83rd‘s fittingly youthful production, capturing the voice and sound of the city — any city populated by aspiring rappers and beat-boxers; any city marked by the constant sight of rap ciphers.

“New York” is an entertaining listen, but also an educational one. Funny, colourful and whimsical — a musical form of just shooting the breeze — the dark but upbeat track is also akin to an audio presentation, schooling rookies and old heads who, after graduating, forgot all about the textbook stuff on this thing called lyricism.

“New York” isn’t groundbreaking or novel, but it is fresh. It makes great use of a very simple combination many musicians seem to struggle with: a dope beat and some dope rhymes. Haze is potent.

Not yet old enough to drink, the young rapper has a long way to go. She proclaims on the song: “I am New York.” While the assertion may not be true (just yet), her potential suggests that sometime in the future she just might be.

Reservation drops July 17th.

Listen: Angel Haze – “New York”

Watch: Reservation trailer

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