Angel Haze – “I Don’t Like [Freestyle]” | New Music

Angel Haze and Chief Keef are two of 2012’s breakout stars, and whilst they possess very different styles and fan-bases, here’s Angel’s take on the track which brought Keef to major label attention, his memorable “I Don’t Like“, famously remixed by Kanye West and every other rapper.

If Keef’s angst and anger played out in a sort of nihilistic, don’t give a f*** flow on the original, the Detroit-hailing Haze rips the track to shreds with hers, attacking Young Chop‘s beat at a completely different pace and outdoing Ye’ and co by a country mile, dropping triple-time bars which posit herself as the “real bitch” and the rest of the rap world as fake, weak or bad role models.

It’s crazy, vague and also completely compelling. Listen below: