Andre Harrell Advises: Get Hot In Your Region Before Targeting National Success

“To accurately sum up the work of Andre Harrell in a brief space would be nearly impossible. His contribution to the music industry remains untouched by the music savvy business execs of today.”

“From the soulful sounds of Mary J. Blige, to the seductive melodies of Robin Thicke, Andre Harrell has left his imprint in urban music, not to mention the countless others acts he has brought into the music scene.” says Ms Ls, who met with Harrell in Charlotte, NC to speak about the music industry.

“Different parts of the country have their own sound, their own way of talking, their own way of dressing… I think that you gotta get hot in your neighbourhood and in your city and in your state,” he says. “Record companies look at who got number one records in different regions. If they see a record’s sticking out say in Louisiana – and if you number one in Louisiana, you could potentially be a number one record all over the country.”

He advises: “So I think people have to focus not so much on a big picture is that they don’t have enough money or people to support them, they need to focus on the things that they get supported at home to the best of their abilities and let those stories organically build when they get to the top of their neighbourhood, of their city.”

“Music foremost and first, and then everything else.”

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