Amy Winehouse’s home robbed days after her death. New music, lyric books + more stolen | News

News has emerged that the late Amy Winehouse‘s Camden home was robbed soon after her death, with opportunistic thieves having made away with unreleased music, lyric books and one of the singer’s prized guitars. Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse reportedly suspects one of the 20-odd people (including friends, family, security and police) who had access to his daughter flat of being responsible and is said to be understandably livid.

Amy’s family, alongside her management and record label, were evaluating what to do with the unreleased music that would have made up her third album, and had apparently decided to release the tracks as a tribute to the iconic singer. With this robbery, that decision may be taken out of their hands, as the thieves could leak unauthorized tracks online.

Source: Metro

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