Amy Winehouse believed to have died of seizure due to detox according to father Mitch | News

Amy Winehouse is believed to have died after suffering a seizure related to alcohol detoxification, according to her dad Mitch.

Mitch said said he believes Amy “did detox to excess” before she died at home in July and speaking on American journalist, author, and television personality Anderson Cooper‘s new CNN chatshow on Anderson, Mitch said: “Everything Amy did, she did to excess. She drank to excess and did detox to excess.”

At the time of her death, Mitch said his daughter was “heading in the right direction” and he was reported as saying “The periods of abstinence were becoming longer, and the periods of drinking were becoming shorter.”

Amy’s at the time boyfriend, Reg Traviss also admitted he struggled to address the subject of her drinking without sounding as if he was nagging, stating, “she was a really clever girl. She knew what she was doing. I would sometimes choose my moments when there was something that was needed to be said.”

The toxicology report ruled out a drugs overdose as the cause of death, although it confirmed alcohol was in her system.

Anderson is due to premiere across America on Monday (September 12th).