Amber Rose to unveil debut single “Fame” featuring Wiz Khalifa next week | Music News

Model and socialite Amber Rose announced a little while ago that she was venturing into the world of music and recording her debut album. While we haven’t heard anything musical from her to date she is set to unleash her debut single on Tuesday, January 10th at 9AM EST (2PM GMT) via celebrity gossip mogul Perez Hilton’s site.

Her first musical offering is called “Fame” and features Ms Rose’ loverboy, superstar rapper Wiz Khalifa.
“I’m so excited to release my first song… It’s CRAZY!” says Amber “Working with Wiz is a dream come true; I am fortunate to have his support.
This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans. I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It’s my interpretation of what it means to be “FAMOUS,” which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are.
You can feel famous everyday if you believe in yourself!”

Now… It would be too easy to throw shade and fire shots at her, but I’m going to reserve judgement till I hear it. You never know… she could end up surprising us all. Right?