Alicia Keys reminisces in HP ‘Everybody On’ Commercial | Video

The latest video for HP Computer’s Everybody On campaign which aims to demonstrate how people around the world use HP products and technology to pursue their personal and professional dreams, sees Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and musician Alicia Keys go down memory lane to recall the recording of her first studio album – the critically acclaimed Songs In A Minor.

She recalls recording the album in a small one-bedroom apartment in Harlem City (NYC), having to turn her bedroom into a studio and transforming her closet into a vocal booth for the recording before returning to the present to talk about her recent foray into technology – the ‘Alicia’s Keys’ virtual piano computer software and how she “loves” that HP let’s people listen to her music in the way that she intended.

“You could imagine how we tortured the neighbors. They would bang on the ceiling with a broom come like three or four in the morning when I’m sitting here singing passionately at the top of my voice. I really feel like a lot of that is the reason why that album has a particular feeling that it does, because we didn’t have anything (you know). Sometimes, when you don’t have much (you know), you make the best out of what you have and it creates a vibe and an energy.” – Alicia Keys

The HP commercial with Alicia Keys will air this Sunday at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards telecast.

[via Rap-Up]