Alexandra Burke and Vanessa White cover Frank Ocean [Video]

Today sees two of the UK’s finest popstars, Alexandra Burke and The Saturdays‘ lead singer Vanessa White, go head to head as both have unveiled cover versions of rising US R&B star Frank Ocean. Alexandra tackled the singer’s most recent single “Thinking About You” for PunchBowl TV, while Vanessa did a medley of the same song and previous single “Swim Good” for RWD.

Both did a great job, although it’s apparent Alexandra’s more soulful tone lends itself better to this particular song. Everything about the performance showcased why her talent should be a force to be reckoned with, although as stated before, we need to hear more of these soulful influences in her own music.

The pair are currently on the promo circuit for their individual projects — The Saturdays’ latest single “30 Days” was released digitally yesterday, while Alexandra’s “Let It Go” arrives May 27th, with the album Heartbreak On Hold following a week later.

Listen to both below and decide: Who sang it better?