AKS Flips J.Cole’s “Premeditated Murder” For “The Con” | New Music

In this day and age of the constant bombardment of “Music” in the form of free mix tapes and leaks, its getting harder to actually take the time out to listen to something or someone new.
I understand…I feel you…

I implore you to take exactly 3 minutes and 27 seconds out of your time to listen to possibly one of the best rappers repping London right now.
The young rapper AKS is that antidote to the current plague of dance drenched mindless tripe topping the charts at the moment, and despite what Wacka Focka says, Lyrics will always matter in Hip Hop and the homie AKS is packing stacks of flammable prose.

Listen to AKS take on J. Cole‘s “Premeditated Murder” and let us know your thoughts.
AKS – The Con (Premeditated Murder Dub) by AKSonline

Look out for AKS debut EP “The Bus Stop EP” that will be hitting the road real soon.

AKS online: nothingmorenothingless.co.uk / Twitter / Facebook / MySpace / YouTube