Ahmed Sirour – ‘The After 2AM Sessions LP’ | Album Stream

Last year, musician/composer/producer Ahmed Sirour released the six-track The After 2AM Sessions EP. With the project, Sirour conveyed three different themes of love: romantic, erotic and spiritual.

Today, one year later, Sirour returns with The After 2AM Sessions LP, complete with six new songs to complete last year’s project.

The project continues where he left off with the EP, exploring the same themes and concepts. However, the LP has a little more depth as far as the production goes and is a little more uptempo than the original. All of the music on the album was composed, arranged, performed, mixed, mastered and produced by Sirour himself, which earns him extra kudos.

According to the description on Sirour’s Bandcamp page:

This is not a mainstream album, and you may not even hear it played on most radio stations, based on its non-conformist format…this is the soothing soundtrack for everyday people, supported and promoted by everyday people — from all around the globe — who share a love of music and the need, at times, to just sit back and unwind.

The album definitely sets the mood, and after first listen I must say I’m in love — which is kind of the idea. Sample the album below, and if you like what you hear you can purchase it here.