AFTA-1 & Nikko Gray – ‘4 Page Letter’ (Video + Download)

nikko gray afta-1
The Mint Collective caught this footage of Nikko Gray and AFTA-1 performing their version of Aaliyah‘s classic ‘4 Page Letter’ last night at Stricly Social, “a strong running event in Los Angeles that combines the best of Soul & Electronic music”. 

AFTA-1 and Nikko Gray honour Baby Girl with their take on ‘4 Page Letter’, originally created for SoulCulture’s summer 2009 tribute EP to Aaliyah, titled Aaliyah Revisited – their version is actually titled ‘ESP (A 4 Page Suite)’.

AFTA-1 ft. Nikko Gray – ‘ESP (A 4 Page Suite)’

Download ‘ESP (A 4 Page Suite)’ mp3 HERE.

You can also download the full 8-track SoulCulture presents… Aaliyah Revisited EP –> here.