Adele reportedly to re-release ’21’ album with new tracks | Music News

It’s already one of the most successful albums of all-time, a feat made all the more impressive in an era where record sales are dwindling, but Adele’s record label XL are reportedly looking to keep their cash cow rolling by re-releasing her sophomore album 21 just in time for Christmas.

It should be said that this story broke in the Daily Star a UK tabloid newspaper and featured the following choice quote from an unnamed source…

“It’s not yet confirmed that it will feature new material or songs that didn’t make the original album but it makes sense to bring it out.”

…which reads a little like bullshit to me personally. Adele’s lack of interest in sales or records or playing the music industry game is well-publicised, and XL are similarly adverse to cheap stunts, but with 21 sitting at 5th in the list of best-selling albums in UK history, a well-timed re-release could easily give the album the push that it needs to claim that top spot.