Action Bronson performs new song produced by The Alchemist in Toronto [Video]

It was only on Thursday that we heard “Decisions Over Veal Orloff“, the fourth leak from The Alchemist‘s forthcoming Russian Roulette album that aligned his antique New Yawk instrumental with the lyrical charm of Action Bronson, but it appears that the pair have got more heat in the kitchen.

At a recent show in Toronto, Bam Bam announced “You don’t know this rap song. This is gonna be on my new motherf*ckin’ sh*t with The Alchemist”, before lacing some psychedelic riffs with comical lines like “bleaches flying over the carcas, bitches blowing on my dick like a cartridge”.

Regardless of whether this will land on Alc and Action’s proposed Rare Chandeliers project, this jam sounds pretty effing sick. Get a taste below.

[via Complex]