Ab-Soul performs live in Fort Lauderdale [Video]

With his Control System album having won over plenty new fans and reaffirmed his status among his existing base, Ab-Soul warrants his own shows these days. That was just the case in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last Wednesday (July 25th) when Solo brought his one-man roadshow to the Green Room for a hell of a gig. And for those unlucky lot that missed out, or if you just fancy reliving the event, Ashley Outrageous has got you covered with this nicely-shot recap of the Black Hippy‘s show.

Read a few extra details below and check out the full clip after the jump.

We kicked things off at The Archives earlier in the day for an in-store with the Black Lip Bastard himself before heading to the venue for what would become a night to remember. The line wrapped around the building, causing the room to be packed from wall to wall. Soulo performed plenty of cuts off his recently released album “Control System” and interacted with fans like none other. His energy was at a 10 throughout his whole set, proving that he is indeed TDE’s secret weapon.