A$AP Rocky lashes out at The KickDrums over single leak: ‘That ‘Ridin’ song is not official’ | Music News

This week was looking like a good one for A$AP Rocky after he featured in Lana Del Rey‘s amazing video for “National Anthem” and gave us “Ridin’,” the second single from his debut album. But Rocky’s sweet week soon turned sour. The Harlem MC took to Twitter last night to vent his frustration over his single’s premature release, saying that what was leaked was just a reference track, not the final product.

After “Ridin'” leaked yesterday, it didn’t take long to be featured on every music blog, with word inevitably getting back to Rocky.

He addressed the leak on Twitter and from the sounds of things, he’s holding Brooklyn-based duo The KickDrums responsible, as they were the ones who orchestrated the collaboration which was originally meant for their mixtape.

More than the leak itself, it seems the rapper was upset about the quality of the song, as it was not the final product he wanted to be presented to his fans. “My barz are wack [as fuck] on that song bruh, that was a frestyle reference and they know that, fuck The KickDrums!!! I care about my craft too much to give the ppl garbage like that, smh.”

It was back in April that we first got word of the track, which was met with a lot of buzz and excitement on the interwebs. Afterwards, Rocky decided that he wanted the track for his album instead and it was pulled from the mixtape.

However, The KickDrums deny they were the ones to leak the song, also taking to Twitter to defend themselves as they say they were just “as surprised to see it on the web as everyone else.”

So, it looks like we still have something to look forward to as we wait for the official release of “Ridin’.”

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