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**UPDATE: Now with video**

During a performance at Vice Magazine’s Vice Kills Texas party at SXSW, a huge fight broke out between the crowd and the A$AP Mob as members of the crowd got out of control and threw drinks on stage.

Original story:

According to Spinner, at about 3am, as the weekend of performances was winding to a close, the trouble started as a member of the Mob had his doo-rag swiped from him by someone in the amped-up crowd. The show was called to a stop until the doo-rag was given back, and it seemed like this would just be a small glitch in the show.

However, members of the crowd then started to throw cans of beer on stage, one hitting another member of the Mob. As things started to get heated with both sides shouting at each other, A$AP Rocky stepped in to try to cool things down by asking to crowd not to throw anything but water on stage.

While he was talking to the crowd, another can was thrown, this time hitting Rocky himself, at which point all bets were off. Rocky and the entire Mob leapt into the crowd, fists swinging, and an all-out brawl ensued. Security tried to break things up but eventually police turned up to shut down the party.

After a weekend of performing and getting rave reviews, I’m sure this is not the way Rocky wanted the weekend to end.


[Video Source: RR]

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