A$AP Rocky – A Day In The Life [Video]

The phrase “overnight success” holds as much factual information than it does metaphorical value for the swag-spitting, fashion-forward, sprite-lacing A$AP Rocky. While most burgeoning rappers today are building hefty catalogues on bandcamp, the DEEP PURPLE mixtape and “Purple Swag” video (although some would argue the video alone) is all Rocky needed.

Subsequent to the grill-wearing Becky hitting every other blog on the internet (their blogroll included), Sony/RCA snapped up A$AP, Government name Rakim Mayers, to a $3 million deal, in the very obvious hope to cash-in on this potential game changer. His subsequent free release, LiveLoveA$AP only proved the execs’ point, as the release spawned yet more infectious cuts like “Peso” and “Wassup”.

In the space of 12 months, the A$AP chief will have seen his daily routine shook by tectonic-sized plates. From dealing drugs to dealing records, young Rakim has become priority number one for every urban publication States-wide, and it was only a matter of time before us regular folk caught a glimpse of that good life. From a radio interview to a sell-out show, watch how A$AP Rocky and his crew handle their biz in the video below.