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Still finding it hard to comprehend that it’s been 11 years since we lost the beautiful Aaliyah Dana Haughton.
The singer and actress, who was killed in an airplane crash in The Bahamas where she was shooting the video for “Rock The Boat” aged only 22 years old, is definitely an inspiration for many of the artists in our scene today and while we wait for the Drake and 40 helmed posthumous LP, our good friends Urban Noize have given us a little something to mark the 11th anniversary of her death.

Following a conversion we had with the Florida hailing production duo about a remix Aaliyah’s 1996 album title track “One In A Million” they were cooking up, the duo decided to let us share it with you today;
“For the past few days we’ve been working on a remix of Aaliyah’s One In A Million and it’s turned out really well. Feels like it couldve been an official remix back then if it was around.
Anyway, the funny thing about this remix is that it just happened. Nothing planned at all, we just cut it on FL Studios & wanted to do something different. Something challenging & The pieces started coming together one by one.
Then next thing you know SoulCulture reminded us that August 25 was the day Aaliyah passed & so everything came full circle as far as the purpose this remix is about to play.
Our tribute to her.
Capturing & maintain her essence, all while giving it a slightly renewed sound.” – Urban Noize

Listen To: Aaliyah – “One In A Million” (Urban Noize Remix)

Download: “One In A Million” (Urban Noize Remix)

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