A-Team Movie Trailer (Video)

A-team Movie

The Trailer for the 2010 big screen remake of the classic A-Team series has just hit the web early.
The new movie stars Liam Neeson as Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, Bradley Cooper as Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as Sgt. B. A. “Bad Attitude” Baracus, Sharlto Copley as Capt. H. M. “Howling Mad” Murdock, Jessica Biel as Lt. Carissa Sosa, Patrick Wilson as Lynch, Omari Hardwick as Chop Shop J, Maury Sterling as Gammons, C. Ernst Harth as Gilbert, Brian Bloom as Pike & Gerald McRaney as General Morrison and is set for a June 11th release.

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