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Start your day off right – my current favourite female emcee from UK shores, Amplify Dot enrolls Jay-Z‘s current favourite UK lyricist Kano, for some feather ruffling ‘hood chick’ showboating on “Semantics.” I’ve always preferred female rappers with a lower vocal tone [think Lauryn, Lyte, Rah Digga] and Amplify checks that box nicely.

Raging like the UK’s answer to Ludacris‘ “My Chick Bad” with hints of Jigga’s “Venus vs. Mars” flow, A-Dot’s wit (“I’m a phone pranker – Seymour Butts”) and precise swagger (“Tell me pipe down, I’ma get louder. Want me in a skirt? Dotty wear the trouser..”) firmly stamps her own engaging style all over the track and – as illustrated on “Semantics” – it’s a fierce one, honey.

A-Dot feat. Kano – “Semantics”:

‘Tell me I’m wrong? Bet you I’m right. Wear my jeans baggy and I keep the rest tight… See I don’t listen, slightly hard headed, Dotty on a mission – honey I wreck it. Stack your bricks up; I’ma kick ’em down…’

More, please.

[via RWD]

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