A Day In The Life Of Schoolboy Q [Video]

A day in the life of Top Dawg Ent rapper Schoolboy Q no doubt includes a number of things. It ticks off the to do list of your typically successful rapper, clocking up 24 hours of rap shenanigans, rap chores and time spent rapping. There are crowds of fans to amaze while standing on a stage, there are songs to record, and rhymes to pen. You’ve got autographs to sign, hands to shake and deals to make. There are girls. Lots of pretty ones. And there are interviews. Lots of long ones. All in all, a pretty long, strange and exhilirating day.

Thanks to Vate Magazine and BarrelHouseBKLYN, we’re given a first hand look at exactly what a day in Q’s life looks like. We follow the Californian as he delights fans with typically lively performances of songs like “Blessed” and tag along as he goofs around with fellow Black Hippy rapper Ab-Soul and the rest of their Top Dawg team.

The eleven minute expose provides an insightful glimpse into the life of an up and coming artist exploding on the scene. It compresses 24 hours into a funny, intriguing picture of emotion and excitement. Simply put – you could watch a day in Q’s life for days.

Directed by Slick Jackson