A. Chal – “Come Back” | New Music

Another day, another mysterious new artist making forward-thinking slightly glitchy (why is it always varying degrees of glitchy?!) music behind a pseudonym/alias/mask/shadow.  This time it’s the turn of A. Chal aka Alejandro Chal.

In keeping with fashion, there’s not a whole lot of information on his Twitter page, although the talk is that he’s been a music director for Ralph Lauren, overseeing a handful of their campaigns and was, in a past life, a dope producer known as Precize.

There’s an obvious SBTRKT vibe to this track, but other bits of material sound quite a bit like The Weekndin fact, there seems to be a lot of that vibe about his whole campaign. Check his Tumblr for instance – as well as illustrating my point, it’s also home to a few fairly dope A. Chal remixes and a couple of other tracks worth checking out.

He’s got a project out soon called Ballroom Riots and although this reportedly won’t be on it, I’m definitely keen to hear more from this promising artist and producer.