“Hopeless” by Dionne Farris | 90’s Flashback Video

‘…They say I’m hopeless; as a penny with a hole in it…bah,bah, bah, bahbah, bah, bah…’

Anyone remember the ‘Love Jones’ soundtrack? With contributions from Maxwell, Groove Theory, Xscape, the Refugee Allstars featuring Lauryn Hill and Jermaine Dupri protégée Trina Broussard (whatever happened to her promising career?), I recall the OST being better than the (rather pretentious) film itself starring Nia Long and Larenz Tate, as is sometimes the case.

Apart from Hill’s classic ‘The Sweetest Thing’ perhaps the most popular song from the soundtrack was ‘Hopeless’ by ex-Arrested Development member Dionne Farris. My mum’s work colleague dubbed a cassette copy of the OST back in 1997. It got played a lot in my household and ‘Hopeless’ was always one of the tunes I’d rinse. Heard it on internet radio this morning and thought it more than worthy of a nostalgic post. Thanks to the ever faithful MsHoneyChile for uploading it onto Youtube. Hers is a great channel to visit if you’re hankering to reminisce on obscure-ish 90s soul/R&B tunes. Enjoy.

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