50 Cent x Shawty Lo discuss recent joint venture G-Unit deal [Audio]

Yesterday Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson along with right hand man Tony Yayo and Shawty Lo paid a visit to two of Atlanta’s biggest Hip hop and R&B radio stations Hot 107.9 and V-103 for a sit down with hosts The Durrty Boyz  and Lil Bankhead respectively to further discuss The Unit’s recent joint venture deal with the “Dey Know” rapper.

Speaking to The Durrty Boyz over at Hot 107.9, Curits broke down the dynamics of the deal stating “…they think Shawty Lo is signed to G-Unit, when [in actual fact] Shawty Lo is signed to D4L [Records] through G-Unit, through his actual company and his the outlet for other Southern based artists to come…”

Discussing how the deal came about, 50 explained to Lil Bankhead, “I was trying to buy Tommy Boy Records, because of the distribution deal they did so long ago, they had the best possible distribution rate and that didn’t quite go through but I actually had the money on deck so with the D4L deal, we [G-Unit] play the Interscope [Records] roll and he [Shawty Lo] plays the G-Unit roll in this deal… nah mean because I was able to take the money I had from one deal set up that kinda fell apart and move it over and do this…. It was almost perfect timing.”

Below is the full audio from the interview which took place yesterday (July 8).

50 Cent x Shawty Lo x The Durrty Boyz (Hot 107.9):

50 Cent x Shawty Lo x Lil Bankhead (V-103):

To paraphrase Biggie… If they don’t know, now “Dey Know.” [See what I did there?]

[via Miss Info]

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