50 Cent speaks on state of G-Unit, says he hasn’t spoken to Lloyd Banks in 9 months | Music News

During a recent phone interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on L.A.’s Power 106, G-Unit general 50 Cent updated the world on the current state of his crew and reveals that it’s been nearly a year since he’s spoken to Lloyd Banks.

“I haven’t spoken to Banks in nine months,” Fif revealed before explaining that Banks going off on his own is not an uncommon occurrence. “This is not the first time this has happened,” he said, referencing Banks’ disappearance after losing his father and dealing with his mother’s health issues in 2006.

Despite the lack of communication, Fif says that the Unit is still a team and that they will reunite in due time.

“I think when the stars line up, it’ll be all good,” he said.

Listen to a portion of 50’s Power 106 interview below.

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