50 Cent f/ Eminem x Adam Levine – “My Life” | New Music

We brought you the video teaser earlier today, here’s a full radio rip of 50 Cent‘s new single “My Life“, which features Eminem’s rapid-fire raps and Adam Levine‘s husky vocals.

The track didn’t impress me too much the first time I listened to it, but after getting past the heavy drumbeat and into what lies beneath it’s actually a pretty strong showing. Symbolyc One’s beat, punctuated by steady bass and occasionally visited by twinkly piano keys, is smarter than it first sounds, and Levine’s hook quickly goes from bland territory to catchy territory on a second listen. Em unleashes a 0-60 in 10 seconds flow and 50’s second verse goes harder than anything from his previous Street King Immortal singles.