50 Cent drops trio in 72 hours: “SMS Get The Message” x “Boomerang” x “You Like Me Better Rich”

Over the last week, G-Unit general 50 Cent has been relentless with the amount of music he put out – and within 72 hours he has turned up the pressure on his rivals by releasing not one but three songs.

On Wednesday 50 Cent released the 10th free track of his brand of aggressive material, entitled “SMS Get The Message”, then on Thursday he unleashed “Boomerang”, bragging about the type of women that go back to him after threatening not to. On Friday Curtis put out a beast of a track with “…that Power Of A Dollar sound,” titled “You Like Me Better Rich”.

All three tracks were accompanied by Curtis’ usual but always welcomed trademark song-ending sh*t talk.
Listen to the new trio below.

50 Cent – “SMS Get The Message”: DOWNLOAD

50 Cent – “Boomerang”: DOWNLOAD

50 Cent – “You Like Me Better Rich”: DOWNLOAD

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