50 Cent – “What Up Gangsta (Part 2)” | New Music

You know that feeling you get when 50 Cent drops the follow up to his “What Up Gangsta” out of absolutely nowhere? Yeah… that’s what you’re probably feeling right now. Yes, out of the total blue Fif has decided to re-up on classic track for the world to hear.

I am always skeptical about Hip Hop artists dropping second, third and even fourth installments to past albums and or even past songs as 98.9% of them fail to live up to the original predecessor [sans Raekwon‘s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…PT II of course]. However this follow up installment, entitled “What Up Gangsta (Part 2)”, although nothing to go ape shit about is still pretty decent…

50 Cent – “What Up Gangsta (Part 2)” 

[via rapradar]