50 Cent – “All His Love” x “All About Dough” | New Music

Curtis has been going in recently with the amount of “aggressive material” he and the good folks at ThisIs50 have been releasing and “All About Dough” is no exception. Refusing to take his foot off the gas off his rival’s necks, 50 Cent also unleashes “All His Love”. Don’t let the title fool you, there is very little lovey-dovey about this banger… just Fifty at his aggressive best. And no one does sh*t talking, at the end of a track like 50 Cent. Take it away Fif…

50 Cent – “All His Love”

50 Cent – “All About Dough”

Download: 50 Cent – “All About Dough”

Download: 50 Cent – “All His Love”

Sidenote… To all budding producers out there, don’t forget 50 Cent set you guys a challenge to finish his “Ghetto Like A Motherf***er” song, which only comes with a kick and a drum beat. We posted the Wundah Remix… who’s going to be next? Lets Go!

[Source ThisIs50.com]