2 Chainz speaks on ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story’ cover art, calls it ‘iconic’ [Video]

The cover art for 2 Chainz‘ debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story has been getting a lot of attention since its unveiling earlier this month, with the Atlanta MC getting kudos for its artistic simplicity. After explaining to Billboard the inspiration behind the artwork and revealing that the final product is the result of a collaboration with Kanye West‘s DONDA creative house, 2 Chainz sat down with VIBE to speak on his personal feelings about the cover.

“It’s definitely an iconic cover to me. I think it’ll be one of the best covers of today,” he tells VIBE’s Mikey Fresh.

While it may not be the look fans were expecting for him, 2 Chainz says the cover conveys the exact message he wanted to get across.

“I feel like this cover says a thousand words. This is an instance where you can really judge a book by its cover. It’s a dope-ass cover for this book — and the stuff inside of it is dope, too,” he says confidently.

Watch his full comments below. Get your 2 Handz on Based on a T.R.U. Story when it drops August 14th.

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