“Whip My Hair” co-creator Jukebox addresses Soulja Boy’s songwriting claims

Jukebox, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins’ protégé and co-creator of Willow Smith‘s hit, “Whip My Hair” has responded to Soulja Boy‘s claims that he wrote “Whip My Hair”.

Soulja Boy, who is supposedly listed on the songwriting credits (probably owing to the lyric ‘hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on’ featured in the verse), garnered attention on the blogsphere when he tweeted, “YES ITS TRUE I WROTE ‘WHIP MY HAIR’ FOR WILLOW SMITH. THATS WHY SHE SAYS HOP OUT THE BED TURN MY SWAG ON. WE GETTING $$$ 2011 NO GAMES”

In response to the claims, Jukebox first took to his twitter, sending a series of tweets about the issue:

“lol We’ll see who did when those Royalties Come around”

“#thingsthatmakemesmh<–Soulja Boy saying he wrote “Whip my hair”

“awww shit, its on blog sites now???!! lmao. Soulja wrote whip my hair??. . and waka flaka wrote “thriller” right? lol”

His response culminated with a freestyle he put on youtube (but has since put on private – I’ve added the video to the post in case he liberates it again).