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Odd Future unveil ‘Loiter Squad’ season 2 trailer [Video]

February 5th, 2013 | by Nura Abdela
Odd Future unveil ‘Loiter Squad’ season 2 trailer [Video]


Fans of OFWGKTA will be psyched to hear that Odd Future are back in full force for a second series of their cult show Loiter Squad for more outlandish scenes between Tyler The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Taco Bennett, Domo Genesis and more.

A promo video for the new series was released today, gearing up for the March 10th comeback on Adult Swim where we can see the guys get up to much of the usual (or unusual to everyone else) as they dress up, wear wigs, spontaneously dance and take on wacky characters, and will no doubt get themselves into more peculiar situations.

Peep the promo below.