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Jai Paul – “Flip Out” [Demo] | New Music

November 26th, 2012 | by Sam Gould
Jai Paul – “Flip Out” [Demo] | New Music

Since “BTSU” took the blogs by storm over two years ago, we’ve heard just one track from the enigmatic producer and vocalist Jai Paul. Whilst “Jasmine“, which dropped earlier this year, was another promising taste of what he has to offer, the XL Recordings artist followed it with a return to the shadows. Until now…

Here we have some new music from Jai Paul, in the form of a demo track entitled “Flip Out”. It’s a little rough and ready, but swirling strings, stabbing synths and an imposing brass section give the singer’s airy vocals that extra edge on this one, as he threatens to “flip out” at a misbehaving lover. Things get especially tense from around the one minute forty mark.

Hopefully we’ll hear a full mastered version soon because this is very intriguing. Listen below…