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Frank Ocean – “Eyes Like Sky” | New Music

February 24th, 2013 | by Verse
Frank Ocean – “Eyes Like Sky” | New Music
New Music

After revealing last week that he was currently in the process of recording his sophomore album, the follow up to his globally acclaimed debut album channel ORANGE, fans of Frank Ocean have been fiending for some new music from the multi-award winning singer-songwriter.

Well today we get some new/previously unheard material from the New Orleans born talent in the form of “Eyes Like Sky”, a poignant and observation narrative about perception and the importance of hope, faith and Love. The full origins of the song are currently but is believed to be a track that was left on the cutting room floor during the ORANGE sessions. Either way this is the kind of goodness we have come to expect from Mr Ocean, so press play and enjoy below…

“I said I wish you could see the stars, he told me I should see Love”
This is all I’m playing for the rest of the day. That is all.

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  1. Toine says:

    Sounds more like a cut that could have been on the Nostalgia Mixtape. Dig the track though

  2. Urban Soul says:

    I’m wondering if this couldn’t be the demo of a song meant for another artist. I love the track but it sounds very different from the feel of channel ORANGE (which also may be why it didn’t make the cut), don’t u think?

    1. soulculture says:

      Good observation, Could very well be. We’ll keep digging for info. Thanks for your comment

      1. Urban Soul says:

        He has now posted the track (the soundcloud link mentioning that it’s a channel ORANGE leftover) on his Facebook page without any comment so maybe it was indeed a cut from that album ;-)