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Snapshot: Prince covers Billboard magazine

January 22nd, 2013 | by Verse
Snapshot: Prince covers Billboard magazine
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Seems like a lot of activity is occurring within the violet satin covered walls of the lair of the Purple Yoda better known as the legend Prince.

Not only is the iconic singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and entertainer gracing latest issue of Billboard magazine (pictured above), the seeming never-aging artist will be the recipient the Icon award and also performing at the 2013 Billboard Awards which will occur on May 19th.

Following a flurry of previously unreleased tracks and remixes hitting the web (and subsequently disappearing as fast as they appeared), today Prince unveiled his new website with some new content including a lyric video for “Screwdriver“. New album on the way? We pray so!


  1. Ringo P says:

    Prince is an untouchable legend, so I can understand how everyone has to be polite about his new stuff, but really… it’s disrespectful to his classic material to pretend this new song is anywhere near the same level. Screwdriver is possibly the worst song I’ve ever heard him perform. Musically rote, lyrically embarrassing. If anyone is really praying for a new album after this I feel sorry for them. Have they heard any of his last four albums? Do they really expect anything other than more of the same? From all reports Prince is still a great live performer, but as a recording artist he ran out of inspiration a long while back.