Recommended Reading – Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe

This month sees the Hardcover release of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, which takes a detailed look back at the company during the 1960’s, before all the movies, cartoons and other forms of franchising.

Penned by Sean Howe, the book chronicles a key period in Marvel’s history which saw the struggling company flourish into the force that it is today, and profiles three of the key people that drove that change; Martin Goodman, the founder of Marvel; Jack Kirby, the co-creator of Captain America, the Fantastic Four and countless other well known characters, and Stan Lee, the Editor at the time and face of Marvel.

Fleshed out with information drawn from over hundred original interviews, the book promises “a narrative of one of the most extraordinary, beloved, and beleaguered pop cultural entities in America’s history.”

Published by Harper, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story is currently available on the Kindle bookstore and in Hardcover via Amazon.